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Forthcoming Events

Last updated :  21/05/2020

Online Bridge

For those wishing to try playing bridge online, the programme of sessions below is available on the BridgeBase Online (BBO) web-site.  These sessions are open to any member of one of the four Central Coast clubs.  You will need to register with BBO and you will need to buy some BB$ to play.  (3 BB$ is approximately 4.65 AU$.) 

To join a game, log in from 2 hours beforehand.  Our events are under Competitive/All Tournaments - put ABF in the search box to find games in Australia, and pick the NSWCC one.  Note altered start times.

You will be playing with people you know on the Central Coast, and you can even earn Australian green points in these games.

More detailed instructions on how to buy BB$ courtesy of the Central Coast Bridge Club at  https://www.centralcoast.bridge-club.org/node/396





each Monday (from 11 May)     Monday 1.20 pm     BBO Session (combined Central Coast) - 20 boards, IMP scoring - cost 3BB$
each Wednesday (from 13 May)     Wednesday 1.20 pm     BBO Session (combined Central Coast) - 20 boards - cost 3BB$
each Friday (from 15 May)     Friday 1.20 pm     BBO Session (combined Central Coast) - 20 boards - cost 3BB$

Please note: Face-to-face bridge at our club room is currently suspended
as a precautionary health measure.
We hope to resume our normal programme later in the year.

(E) denotes an eclectic event

(C) denotes a Club Championship event

(G) denotes a Gold Masterpoint event

(P) Pre-entered event. Entry to pre-entered events may be made by entering your name(s) on the entry form on the club notice board, or (for some events) by clicking on the "P" on this page, or using the Event Entry link on the web-site home page before the advertised closing date and time. Entries may be accepted after the closing date at the discretion of the Director and the Tournament Organiser.

(Q) Qualifying event

(R) denotes a Red Masterpoint event